Artist Statement

Following my instincts and aesthetic needs, I have happily returned to abstract painting. My work is a synthesis of both personal and visual history: experience, places, impressions, feelings….to create a tapestry of what life can mean to one person.

The process for me typically begins with an inspiration, a sketch, many notes, and nostalgic images. I then allow myself time to percolate on the implementation of my idea. More often than not, my best answers are found on a daily walk with my dog, Frida.

My art not only begins with a mix of paint but with creative decision making and thoughtful consideration of all the elements involved. Structure, color, shape, and texture become my tools to manipulate and create harmony. This process allows me to respond intuitively, take risks, and produce the best version of my idea. Regardless of your interpretation, the painting becomes my artistic gift.

Martha Sando